ABBYY FineReader Enterprise CRACKED
ABBYY FineReader Enterprise CRACKED

ABBYY FineReader 14 is a universal solution for working with paper and PDF documents, allowing managers to solve daily routine tasks and increase business efficiency. ABBYY FineReader offers a wide range of features in one program that combines the leading ABBYY OCR recognition technologies and the tools required to work with different PDF types.

This is a program for individual use at home and in the office, which helps to solve the following tasks:
• make changes to paper documents without having to reprint and format; create paper-based electronic documents;
• Convert poor quality documents to an editable view: photographed by a cell phone camera, received by fax, and so on.
• Recognize and process documents with complex formatting: multilevel content, illustrations, spreadsheets (magazine pages, price lists, reports, etc.);
• Scan and recognize documents for inclusion in an electronic archive with the possibility to search for text

Key Features:
• Save full disclosure. The ADRT® 2.0 Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT® 2.0) revolutionary technology accurately detects documents with complex formatting. The new version of ABBYY FineReader analyzes the document as a whole while maintaining its logical structure: table of contents and hyperlinks, multi-level headers, page numbers, headers and footers, captions, and font and head styles.
• User friendliness. The program interface contains a window with example scripts. To simplify usage, the scenarios are divided into groups. The settings for saving are in the same window. The user selects the appropriate conversion script and receives a modified copy of the document for a mouse click. If necessary, the user can recognize documents in the program step by step. In order to reduce the number of clicks and speed up the work with the program, the main window displays the most important actions: Opening the window with typical scripts and the buttons Open and Save help to shorten the search for the desired action in the program menu.
• Mobile phone instead of a scanner. The new version of the program supports work with all current models of scanners and multifunction devices and also correctly recognizes text images taken with a digital camera or a mobile phone camera. For processing images taken with a mobile phone camera, the program offers the following functions: Correction of keystone distortion, elimination of noise, and image blur.
• Supports most world languages. ABBYY FineReader recognizes documents in 186 languages based on Cyrillic, Latin, Greek and Armenian alphabets, supporting hieroglyphics-based languages. A new recognition language, Korean, has been added to the new version of the program. Therefore, we are constantly expanding the list of non-alphabetic languages. The spell checker is available for 39 languages. The system successfully detects documents that combine texts in two or more languages, including documents that contain a “mix” of alphabetic and hieroglyphic languages.
• Automatic recognition of the recognition language. Using intelligent algorithms, ABBYY FineReader automatically obtains information about the languages in which the document is written and uses it for detection.
• Save the formats PDF and PDF / A. The program has all the options to save it with the search in PDF (text under the image, text above the image, text only and images, image only). If necessary, the user can protect the created PDF file with a password.
• Optimization for multi-core processors. More and more computers are equipped with dual or quad-core processors. ABBYY FineReader’s intelligent algorithms can effectively parallelize various document processing (image pre-processing, structure analysis, recognition, document synthesis) and fully exploit the full capabilities of multi-core processor-based machines.

Functionality of ABBYY FineReader 14:
• OCR and convert
Easily convert images and PDF files to editable formats (Microsoft® Word, Excel®, PowerPoint®, Apache OpenOfficeTM, etc.).
Convert only selected pages of an open document
Automatic or manual selection of document language (s) during conversion





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